Canadian Gas Service

Canada Gas Service(CGS), has been a brand of trust in the Gas Service repair and installation sector since the year 2002. The company has delivered a promise of trust and safety since it’s very inception. Our team has been imbibed with the virtues to keep customer service at priority. This includes placing the services as per consumer request, installing a product of inspected quality and most of all addressing their safety concerns.

The backbone of the flawless service from CGS is its aptly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced team. The team of CGS goes that extra mile to ensure the reliability of the company. We have experts with experience in all kinds of gas device installations, mainly natural gas and propene. Our sense of reliability is augmented by the fact that we are licensed and registered with the Technical Standards and safety authority since the year 2002. We take this certification very seriously and work everytime to raise the bar of our service. We strive to work for being the only choice of people using gas service in Canada.

CGS not only offers vast range of of services but at same time specialises in all of them. The services include installation, maintanence and repair of natural gas pipelines , furnaces and gas appliances. The Gas appliances served by CGS could be of residential, commercial nature or even heavy duty appliances used in industries. Apart from fitting, we also offer safety services , which mainly includes gas leak check and mending. We use the latest technology for racking gas leak and taking care of it. This ensures almost nil chances to missing the fault. CGS knows the importance of a tension free life, and we ensure that your home is a safe place for your family to grow happily. Regular checking of installation is done by us in a dedicated manner. There is immediate rectification of faults, if any.

At CGS , while delivering our service, we follow all rules and regulations laid down by the Canadian Regulatory authority. Gas pipelines and furnace installations are strictly done according to these guidelines. We leave no stone unturned to give a hassle free and delightful experience to consumers. Our crew is cheerful and helpful, so as to guide the customers at every point They are knowledgeable so that customer queries are always paid attention and well answered. The very cooperative team of CGS educates and guides the consumer through the entire process of installation and maintenance. We also have a dedicated backbone team for instant support, which responses quickly to service calls. Before finalizing every deal with the customer, CGS makes sure to educate the customer about the offering. Hence, there is no hidden agenda; everything comes out clean and crystal clear.

Above all, we are concerned about the well being and safety of customers. Our crews are directed to check all safety points and focus on building a safe environment for the customer while using the gas service. Our dedication towards work is evident through our working and communication style. Each crew member takes immense pride in delivering a safe service.

The CGS fraternity is built of such guarding and helping people. With each passing moment, we work with all passion to serve our customers better than before.