Canadian gas service: one stop solution for gas service, sells and installation

Canadian gas service is one of the prominent companies which provide gas stove installation, water heater sales, installation and service, Furnaces sales with installation, natural gas leak detection and repair, garage heating system and restaurant natural gas system. CGS is equipped with employees that are highly talented and well-experienced. They are well acquainted with the latest technology and use modern tools for the installation process. Since 2002 we provide all sorts of quality products and installation related to gas and water heater. CGS provides top grade and reliable Gas stove installation service. All the crew members of this company are well-trained; focussed on customer safety and best service. We are registered with the standards & safety authority since 2002 and follow the rules and regulations in a strict manner. All sorts of gas line installations and appliance are well managed according to the proper specification and Canadian standards.

Gas stove installation if done by professional experts is a smooth job. A lot of risks is involved otherwise. It is because of these risks, a lot of things have to be taken care of during the time of installation. Canadian Gas service has expert team members for the task of gas stove installation. They take all the necessary steps before the installation process and always focus on customer and surrounding environment safety. We also have a quick and prompt customer care service which caters the need of customers even on phone.

Various installation service of Canadian gas service (CGS):

Canadian gas service or CGS provides installation service and modifies all sorts of natural gas piping for institutions, industry, residents, and commercial enterprises. Some services are like

  • Range hoods
  •  Natural gas ranges
  •  Leak detection and repair
  •  Restaurant equipment installation
  •  Underground applications
  •  Barbeques
  •  Wall ovens
  •  Waterlines
  •  Flexible steel piping and iron piping
  •  Gas stove installation

You can easily get all sorts of residential appliances installation on time from CGS. This crew members here are well familiar with various brands like Bosch, whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Fisher Paykel and General Electric.

Not only gas installation but CGS also provides water heater installation service at an affordable price. The expert water heater maintenance team of CGS offers best water heater service to the customer.

Water heater sales, service and installation:

The representative of CGS normally visits their respective sites to solve the problems of people regarding heating water. They also review on various basic techniques like space optimization, energy conservation demand, and health safety. They provide this service free of cost and this service is well available within 24 hours of receiving any customer’s request from the company side.

Canadian gas service is a government registered company and authorized GSW dealer. This company uses avant-garde technology and always suggests the top most quality products according to customer’s requirement. Tankless water heater installation is the demand of time and one can easily mark the advance technology from our tankless water heater supplied by Takagi. All customer queries are not only wholeheartedly welcomed by us but also given an appropriate solution. We offer the best advice on Water heaters, and our experts are there for the customer at each and every step of installation. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we work hard to achieve it. CGS always provides all the details regarding any product before the customer decides to install it.

Some other services of CGS:

Restaurant natural gas systems:

Natural gas is one of essential things for any restaurant and other organizations which require cooking facilities. These organizations also need hot cold water, gas-fryers, griddles, and oven. Most of the restaurants use the natural gas system because it is economical, easy to use and quite dependable. It’s true that there is always a chance of a fire risk but you can avoid this by proper maintenance. CGS team members provide all the maintenance service of natural gas systems and reduce the risk factor. They also suggest the owner if anything is needed for enhanced protection.

Natural gas leak recognition and refurbish:

As there is always a fire risk in the natural gas systems it is required to inspect the pipelines, equipment and other things related to that for proper maintenance within two years. At times, there is a chance of gas leakage due to pipeline problems in a natural gas system which is very dangerous. It is also a heavy loss to the owner in terms of monetary value. According to the safety concerns, it is always better to call for a professional team for the inspection since they have better knowledge of natural gas systems. CGS team members provide natural gas leak detection and repair service in Canada and nearby places at a budget friendly price. Their services are in a timely manner and they also guide people regarding the safety concern.

Furnaces installation sell and service:

If you are in the search of a modern central heating system for your home then feel free to contact Canadian gas service (CGS). We offer 24-hour service with service vehicle for emergency cases in Haltom area. CGS’s veteran crew members offer repair services for all popular brands of furnaces and central heating systems. The choice of brands depends on the place of installation i.e. commercial sector or institutional sector.


Overall, CGS is one of the best and most trusted gas service providers across Canada. The company situated near Georgetown, Ontario. We provide gas and water heater and handle their installation, and servicing at an affordable cost. More details about CGS is available on its official website. We are easily accessible through phone vide out special customer service department. They are always ready to provide details information regarding their services. For any complaint or suggestion, you can email to them at