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Power cut is one problem for Canadians which can bring their lives to a standstill. Thankfully, science has vested us with generators which are lifelines in the situation of power cuts. People obviously know this fact but are hung up when it comes to choosing generators and purchasing them. The market is flooded with various brands which have launched their generator models. This leads to increase in the confusions amongst the common people. CGS understands this problem and provides free tips and reviews on various generators systems. The special team Of CGS visits the customer sites and impart knowledge regarding energy conservation, space optimization, health safety. They also suggest some best generator options according to the customer’s requirement. CGS provides this service on the request of any customer and it is totally free. You can get a good generator from renowned brands like Generac. Standard brands come with trust, reliability and long warranty period. Canada Gas Service is a pioneer in its field and deploys experts wherever needed. The crew of CGS is customer friendly and gives best suggestion keeping in mind the budget of the customer.

CGS provides high-quality generators installation service.  Such installation can supply automatic power backup to the customer during the power cut period. Normally these generators are connected to a pre-installed natural gas fuel supply or propane. We are an authorized dealer of Generac which is a good brand. Generac generators automatically switch on when the power goes and run until the necessary power supply returns. Canadian gas service provides all sorts of generator installation and maintenance service to the customer.

Power generator:

A power generator is a machine that produces electrical power. It can do this by adjusting mechanical energy to electrical vitality. The wellspring of mechanical vitality originates from a responding or steam motor, inside burning motors, turbines, wrench or whatever another gadget that moves.

Generators are comprised of two essential segments. The principal segment is the engine, it offers control for the generator by smoldering some kind of fuel. The second part, the generator head, it turns that energy to power by electromagnetic enlistment. Electromagnetic enlistment delivers an electrical voltage over a conveyor in a changing attractive field.

Homes and small businesses use generators to power up their homes. In the US, the standard single phase voltage for most houses is 120 volts. A lot of houses have two 120 volt circuits. The two circuits, when combined, produce 240 volts to supply electricity to appliances that want a huge amount of power to operate.

Types of power generator:

  • The first sort of generator is known as a standby generator. These power generators are cumbersome, intense and exorbitant. As a result of their size and weight, they are by and large put in a settled position outside a living arrangement. They might be associated straightforwardly to a gas line or fluid propane tank so they can work even without electrical power. This kind of generator is utilized to stop the destructive and conceivably harming impacts of force blackouts.


  • The second sort of generator is known as a Portable power generator. Convenient generators are littler than standby generators since they are intended to be portable. They are utilized to supply energy to spots that don’t have entry to power, for example, development destinations or backwoods clearings. Furthermore, nowadays’ family units are putting resources into them to keep the family unit working all through power cuts. Be that as it may, they can just do as such for a couple of hours. Additionally, compact generators can’t turn on automatically and must be begun by hand.

Along these lines, the sort of force generator to choose relies on upon your necessities. In the event that you are an outdoorsman who needs to have power while outdoors, then it is best to buy the versatile kind. In any case, in the event that you wish to have a persistent supply of current in your habitation, then it truly is vastly improved to decide on a standby power generator.

If you are in the search of a good generator for your home use then you can buy this generator from Canadian gas service. We cater both generator selling and installation service at an affordable price and high quality. The expert team members of this company also provide maintenance and repair service to the customer.

CGS is the best generator installation service provider of Canada. We mainly focus on providing good and timely service to the customer at an affordable price. For the better knowledge of generators, CGS reviews various models available in the market. If you want to get any service from us you can visit our office or call us on 1866-381-3446. For any kind of suggestion, you can email at