The gas dryer has been the latest favorite of consumers used for drying clothes. Dryers are made of sturdy material and are easily available at both online and offline shops. Generally, cloth dryers run on electricity, but a gas dryer is one which can run both on electricity and by using gas, whichever is preferable for the consumer.  With CGS, GAS DRYER INSTALLATION is simple and we help you install it in the safest manner. There are certain risks involved with self-installation prominent among them is gas leakage. During the installation process, most important thing is to make sure the circuit breaker to the dryer and the gas pipe valve is closed.

Listed below are few more precaution to be taken care of:

  • Turn off the gas and electricity:

For GAS DRYER INSTALLATION you need to turn off the main supply of the gas in the meter. If the supply pipe has a cap and then you need to remove the cap. For repairing or new installation, the power must be turned off, so we need to shut the power off at the breaker box to make an installation. If it is installed with the wrong size on the shutoff valve a pipe blend is used to hold the pipe. Wrap the threads of the gas supply with the pipe tape, and then tighten the pipe with the stainless steel.

  • Install the connections for the gas:

Read the instruction which given on the GAS DRYER INSTALLATION page to make a perfect installation.  Gas Installation service in Pickering will provide the gas connection parts in the installation kit. Contact the gas provider you confused to fit it. CGS has the most competitive installation fees. Also, Make the installation process in presence of an experienced person to avoid risks.

  • Fit a metal piping onto the vent connector:

Check your vent hole on your gas dryer if it matches the hole in your home. Use the elbows pipe to make a hole along with the length of the straight pipe. Then run the vent outlet and screws via the pipe to hold the vent pipe. If the hole does not fit then cut a new dryer vent hole for the installation process.

  • Clean up and put pipe dope on:

Make sure the dryer is clean washed before installation. Dryers available in Pickering have a wide range of facilities in it. If the vent hole is a new one then make it cut and clean well. Put the pipe on the thread of the dryer and take the steel connector and screw it.

  • Check the connections:

After fitting the vent hole for GAS DRYER INSTALLATION check for any leakages. Make sure the gas lines are hooked correctly. For checking leakages, mix water and liquid dish soap in the ratio 1:1 into the dryer. Then put the solution on the connections of the installation and turn on the gas. After putting all if you see the bubbles, then the gas is leaking. Fix the pipes tighter and recheck for leakages.


  • Fasten vent hose to the clamp:

Fastening hose to the clamp makes sure to keep your vent hose in the shortest length hence increase the efficiency of your gas.

  • Plug in the dryer:

The installation set up just finished with above step. Now it’s time to plug in the gas dryer. For this, attach the end of the vent hole in the gas dryer and push it into back to place in the right place. Then keep it three inches away from the wall for heat circulation.

  • Turn on the dryer:

Check the top level after positioning the appliance. Choose the best appliances to make a perfect fit. Keep a balance of pricing and fit. Now, Enjoy the facilities of the gas dryer.