Gas Stove Installation

Cooking is one of the behaviors of human beings that makes us different and superior to other life forms. In today’s world, people lay more emphasis on cooking as it has many advantages to eating outside or eating a packed pre-cooked food. In Canada Gas stove installation Oshawa provides hassle free service and is known to be the best in the business. Let us look at the types of stove in the market

  • Induction stove
  • One of the widely used stoves, an induction stove heats the vessel by induction. In this process, the heat is generated through electromagnetism. There is an induction coil which is placed just below the surface of the stove. When the electric current is passed it starts to produce electromagnetic current in the coil. When a cooking vessel is put at the top of the stove the electromagnetic causes the vessel to heat up and cook the food. This is very safe as compared to the other means of cooking food. Another advantage of this kind of stove is that these won’t heat up unless something is put on the top hence these consume less energy than the others.

  • Gas Stove
  • This is the most widely used methods to cook food and has been the case since very long as there aren’t any other means that is as effective as the gas stove. In a gas stove, the stove is connected to a gas source such as propane, natural gas or butane. These gasses are let into the stove which is then fired up. The gas burns at a constant rate which is the biggest advantage of this method. The flow of heat can be regulated by a regulator which can be changed according to the type of food being cooked. This also ensures the food is cooked in the least amount of time as compared to the other means of cooking. The heat output is measured in British Thermal Units or BTU as it is commonly called. The heat output is between 800 to 20000 BTU. There are many safety features integrated into the stove so that it doesn’t blow up however it continues to be one of the least safe methods of cooking given the fact that a cylinder of highly inflammable gas is kept just a few feet to the stove.

  • Glass Ceramic stove
  • This is an eclectic stove as well similar to the induction stove. In this stove, however, there is a heating unit which is kept just below the surface of the stove and is switched on when the heat is needed. It is made up of electric coils which produce heat when current is passed through them. The surface is made up of ceramic which is a very costly and hard element. This is also very scratchy so it needs to be taken care of. This is a very good alternative for people looking for some other means to cook.

  • Duel Fuel
  • This is a fairly new method of cooking. The state has a different port to be used by different modes of cooking. One part is connected to the gas while the other has an electric coil beneath the surface. This is s new method to cook and is mostly used in the areas which are more developed than the others. People looking to have the consistency of gas stoves as well as the efficiency of electric stoves can have a look at dual fuel stoves.

    The world has progressed and come very ahead from the early days of cooking when people used to cook with burning wood. That has many disadvantages as well as it took much time to cook. In today world, however, this has been eliminated and the world is on course for cleaner energy which would make cooking even better and hassle free.