CGS: Placing Public Safety First

The natural gas industry has transformed into one of the most technologically advanced industries. Natural gas appliances are also rising in popularity due to their efficiency and cost effectiveness. Although many natural gas-powered appliances are initially more expensive than their electric counterparts, they are commonly much cheaper to operate, have a longer expected life, and require relatively low maintenance. Other natural gas appliances include generators, space heaters, clothes dryers, pool and jacuzzi heaters, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, barbecues, garage heaters and outdoor heaters and lights. All of these appliances offer a safe, efficient, and economical alternative to electricity or other fuel sources. The same natural gas pipes that supply gas to a furnace can be used to supply energy for all of the appliances listed above, making installation simple and easy.

Natural gas fuel cells and microturbines both offer the residential consumer the capacity to disconnect from their local electric distributor, and generate just enough electricity to meet their needs. Although this technology is still in its infancy, it is very promising in being able to offer independent, reliable, efficient, environmentally-friendly electricity for residential needs.